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Accounting Software Test bexio vs. Xero: Which is the best solution for your business?

bexio is a web-based business software for quotations, orders, invoices and accounting. The software is ideal for startups and small businesses (1 to 50 employees).
Xero is a very powerful cloud accounting software that can also map advanced requirements such as foreign currencies or cost centres.
We show which is the best application for startups and small businesses in the following comparison.


The Swiss market leader for cloud-based accounting software has numerous bank integrations (including UBS, Credit Suisse, ZKB, Raiffeisen, etc.) and Swissdec-certified payroll accounting.

  • Domicile: Rapperswil
  • Share Capital: CHF 617’542
  • Pricing: CHF 29 to CHF 99
  • Userbase:  approx. 50k
  • Number of employees: 100+


A special feature of Xero is the almost unlimited integration possibilities. International tools like Deel, Stripe, Approval Max or Spotlight Reporting have direct interfaces.

  • Domicile: Neuseeland
  • Subsidiaries: u.a. USA, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong
  • Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange
  • Pricing: USD 25 to USD 54
  • Userbase:  approx. 3 Mio.
  • Number of employees: 3000+

bexio vs. Xero Software Comparison

Advantages and strengths

  • Connection to various Swiss banks
  • Payment export via bank interface or pain.001/XML
  • Creation of ESR and QR invoices
  • Mapping of Swiss value added tax
  • Web-based Swissdec-certified payroll accounting
  • Easy to understand and intuitive, also suitable for accounting beginners
  • Customisation of documents via Google Fonts, etc.
  • Available in four languages (DE, IT, FR, EN)
  • Data is stored in a Swiss computer centre
  • Integrations with Stripe, Harvest, Paypal, Revolut, Wise, etc.
  • Tracking Categories / Tagging (cost centres)
  • Bulk processing in bank reconciliation
  • Foreign currency compatibility
  • “Bank Rules” (automatic account allocation by means of filters)
  • Mass mutation of postings by means of “Find and Recode”
  • Budget Manager, Budget Variance Report
  • Extensive reports and Google Sheet export
  • Import of (bank) transactions via CSV, e.g. useful for credit cards

Disadvantages and weak points

  • No cost centres
  • Limited reports and reporting
  • No specific functions for accountants
  • No bulk processing in bank reconciliation
  • Limited foreign currency functionality
  • Lack of integration with Swiss banks
  • No pain.001/XML download, no QR/ESR functionality
  • No Swiss payroll accounting integrated
  • Computing centre abroad (Amazon AWS)
  • Only available in English

Useability & Screenshots

Both bexio and Xero have dashboards that give you a simple overview of your company’s key performance indicators after logging in.

bexio Dashboard
Xero Dashboard

Both tools offer the “bank reconciliation” function, which reconciles bank transactions with existing debtors and creditors. This solution saves time and you as a customer keep track of everything.

bexio bank reconciliation
Xero bank reconciliation

Invoices to customers can be created in a short time with both tools and sent to customers via the software. Xero also makes it possible to automate the sending of invoices, e.g. monthly.

bexio Sales Invoice
Xero Sales Invoice


Both providers have an optimal price-performance ratio. In addition, SMEs benefit from a free e-mail helpdesk, and with bexio also from free telephone support.



Whether bexio or Xero is the best cloud solution for your business depends on several criteria. For example, if you use Stripe for SaaS subscriptions or Cin7 for your e-commerce inventory management, using Xero can make sense due to the various integrations, although you have to accept efficiency losses in banking due to the lack of connection to Swiss banks.
Xero also offers greater flexibility if your company is looking to internationalise in terms of investors, subsidiaries and/or registered office, because Xero is used worldwide and – via Spotlight Reporting – can also handle consolidations of different sites/subsidiaries.
However, if the advantages and strengths of Xero do not offer you any significant additional benefits, there is every reason to use bexio as your accounting software.
While the development of bexio was primarily focused on the end user (entrepreneur), with Xero it was mainly the accountant. As a result, entrepreneurs who want to do their own bookkeeping ( are more likely to be happy with bexio.
Both providers have a free trial version as well as a demo version. We are happy to offer you the opportunity to efficiently evaluate the right software thanks to our extensive experience as a bexio Platinum Partner and Xero Certified Advisor.

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