In one way so different and still so similar. Banana and bexio are the best in their field.

Comparing Banana with bexio is a bit like comparing a bicycle with a motor cycle. Both have their purpose and but fulfill different needs.

If you are looking for a full process starting with the quote, and offer and also doing your own invoicing over the software and then having all automatically implemented in your accounting system, you need to go for bexio.

If you do your daily business in another system and need a simple but efficient software to have a clean accounting, you will love Banana.


Simple and fast

We did test of a lot of different accounting systems and in regards to speed Banana is without competition.
Entering bookings and changing the view to account details is fast and easy to do. Banana is capable of importing bank transactions via XML/CAMT.053 and is therefore able to have partial automated accounting. Banana is also very useful for companies with VAT on a cashed-in base.

The look and handling of Banana is very similar to excel and helps you finding your way through the accounting. Banana is installed on one computer (not web based) which causes that it is not everywhere and always available. Its low costs of CHF 129 one time makes is a very affordable solution.


Integrated Process

With bexio several business processes can be efficiently managed. From contact (CRM) to order management, from invoicing to accounting: All steps are done without any redundancies or time waste.

With several banking interfaces it is possible to have the information directly popping up in your system suggesting reconciliations. Payments can be transferred straight to the e-banking. This way the banking and creditor management are done almost automatically. If you are working with a bank which is not integrated in bexio yet you always have the possibility to upload via V11 (ESR) and CAMT.053 (previous MT940).



Banana is often underestimated by its technical unspectacular design which is actually one of its main advantages. Booking functions are designed like in an excel spreadsheet which allows you work super fast.


bexio is based on the latest web technology and currently without competition in usability. Once knowing how it works it is fun to work with.



Banana is a desktop application for Windows, Mac and Linux starting at CHF 129 one time fee. Unfortunately it is not (yet) available as a web solution.


bexio is a web application and is works on common browsers like Safari or Chrome. This allows you to enter the system almost everywhere even on your phone. bexio has monthly and yearly rates and offers different solutions.


Whether you should chose Banana or bexio is very much depending what you need and how you want to use your accounting system for your business.

We are happy to advise you on the choice of your accounting software.

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