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How to set up Cost-Tagging in bexio

  • 1 hour 1:1 Workshop
  • You will be able to tag income and costs in bexio
  • Full disclosure of our workaround incl. Excel Tool
  • German or english

bexio® Power Pack

  • Template reconciliation foreign currency accounts
  • Excel payroll accounting up to 5 employees
  • VAT reconciliation incl. sales reconciliation for effective and net tax rate method
  • Annual financial statements Excel tool incl. compressed balance sheet, income statement, notes and appropriation of profit (bexio raw data mapping)
  • GM Minutes Templates
  • 40% discount on the first bexio annual subscription

Cashflow Tool

  • Import bexio data
  • 3 Calculate scenarios
  • Simple graphical overview of the scenarios
  • German and English

“Profit First” Allocation Calculator

  • The easiest way to control your cash flow is the “Profit First”-Method by Mike Michalowicz‎
  • We highly recommend to read his bestseller, here is the order link
  • We use it, and we love it. We use this calculator to calculate the weekly allocations

homerun® Folder Structure

Use the time to clean up your stacks at home. Letters, bills, contracts, receipts. Digitize and create space.
  • Folder structure for the electronic storage of all documents that arise in a private household
  • 7 areas, including housing, hobbies & leisure, health, job & business, taxes
  • German and English

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