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Value Stream Accounting

Experience an all new view on the performance of your company

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Do you have the overview?

The more your company grows, the greater the distance to the self-conception of your business.
You ask yourself the question why you are successful. Unfortunately, neither the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement nor operating accounting can provide an answer.

Demand business KPI's that bring light into the dark.

How about your accounting department measuring what is important? Instead of counting peas uninspired?
To show you which layers of your value stream perform, and which are a limiting bottleneck.

Learn how business flows through your company

We direct your attention to the most important, people-independent asset of your company: the Value Stream.

Value Stream Accounting directs the focus, reduces frittering and creates clarity in prioritizing your countless options for action.

Lean Transformation

With Value Stream Accounting you measure the performance of your company in the context of the customer value generated. In this way you create a common language throughout the entire organization.
The result is a natural “Lean Transformation”. Organizational boundaries are eliminated and pave the way for a lean, customer-oriented culture.

Value Stream Accounting is ideal for us as a management tool and board reporting. It is quickly created, clearly arranged and shows a cause-and-effect relationship per sales channel. This way we always know how we stand in comparison to the budget and can react quickly in case of deviations and deploy our resources where they are most urgently needed.

Adrian HirtFounder AlpenHirt AG

Focus and simplicity. Once you get there, you can move mountains.

Steve Jobs

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